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Shop handmade decorative metal Leaf Sculpture | Peetal New York

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Inspired by the skeleton leaf, this limited edition sculpture symbolizes both nature and beauty. As alluring as the sunset, this lotus leaf sculpture will provide a sophisticated sense of class, elegance, and magnificence to your home. Mounted on a black granite base, the intricate patterns inspired by a fall leaf and casted onto the bright gold polished brass is bound to allure anyone who lays her eyes on it. Using a mixture of molasses and sand, a mould of the lotus leaf is created. After this, molten metal "Peetal" (meaning brass in hindi) is poured into it. The artisan then files the the metal leaf sculpture to take away impurities of the casting process. The individual components are then forged and welded together. The product is then hand polished using a buffering process.

Since every product is scrupulously hand crafted, no two pieces are identical. Each piece has its unique identity. Feel free to take a closer look at the exquisite design by moving your mouse over the picture.

Dimensions: 16"H

Material: Brass, Granite