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Design at Peetal New York


At Peetal we strive to offer timeless contemporary styles yet at the same time utilitarian table top accents. Each piece is soulfully crafted by hand and carefully inspected. Beyond just aesthetic form, good design for us means combining the rational and the emotional, enriching objects through an emphasis on craftsmanship, considered details and natural materials. In this way we hope to connect and harmonize our products with the people who use them in their homes.


Tapping into the priceless virtuosity of local artisans in India, which is passed on from generations after generations, each piece coming out of Peetal New York is scrupulously hand-crafted by these adept artisans and carefully examined. The rich textures on each product brings the artisan's passion to life. 

We particularly take pride in the extensive use of the ancient techniques of sand casting in order to capture the rich textures present in nature. Utilizing a mixture of sand and molasses, a mould is created of the natural object, such as the Lotus leaf. Molten metal is pored into the leaf mould to cast the piece rich with texture. The artisan then carefully files the casted metal to remove any rough signs of the casting process. The individual components are then forged and welded together. The product is then polished using a buffering process. 


Designer Reema loves to work with a rich palette of materials, elegantly fusing a variety of metals with stones. In her present collection she has gracefully blended the ancient alloy of brass with semi-precious stones, such as, petrified wood and granite. In addition she has also combined aluminum with brass bringing an opulent finish to table top accents.