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About Peetal New York

Peetal, which literally means Brass in Hindi, is an ancient alloy made from a combination of Copper and Zinc. Its existence dates back to the 2nd Millennium BC in western India, when it was predominently used to make utensils, thanks to its natural antimicrobial and germicidal properties. Its highly malleable nature has also resulted in its widespread use for making musical instruments, and other pieces of art.

At Peetal New York brought the gracefulness of this ancient alloy right to your home through her contemporary designs for home accents. We have fused Brass with a variety of alternate materials, such as, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and semi-precious stones, to bring to life a collection of decorative, yet utilitarian accents in timeless modern styling. Tapping into the priceless virtuosity of local artisans in India, which is passed on from generations after generations, each piece coming out of Peetal New York is scrupulously hand-crafted by these adept artisans and carefully examined. Designers Reema has toiled away in the factory with these artisans, where she managed to create an everlasting bond with them, pledging to honor and promote their ancient skills.

Artisan Lalan Kapoor bringing his passion to life through the lotus leaf sculpture.