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Peetal New York

Lotus Floating Candle Holder Set

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This truly distinctive floating candle holder literally portrays a lotus flower floating in a pool of water. Fixed on a black granite base, the faceted "Peetal" (meaning brass in hindi) stems, intertwine with each other to form a tall base for the glass cup at the top. Fill the cup with water and float one or multiple tea lights in it. Another way to use this product is  by adding potpourri to the glass holder to bring color and scent to any room. The holders come in a pair of different heights. Undoubtedly this can be used as a unique gift for a wedding, house warming or any special occasion. The candle holders come in a set of 2 in two different heights. 

Since every product is scrupulously hand crafted, no two pieces are identical. Each piece has its unique identity. Feel free to take a closer look at the exquisite design by moving your mouse over the picture. 

Material: Brass, Granite, Glass