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From Corporate Monkey to Living the Dream of Becoming a Home Decor Designer and a Business Owner!

This is the first blog I have ever written guys, so hope you like it :) I wanted to give you a bit of background about my story, before you come and explore the world with me through my collection. Born and brought up in England, I have always had a passion for modern, contemporary art and design.

Me in the Big AppleThough it has always been my first love, it may come as a shock that my background is completely different. After getting a MBA degree in finance from New York University (NYU), I was recruited from campus by a large Wall Street firm. From there began my long-drawn journey of climbing up the corporate ladder. At first I was thrilled with this opportunity. It is not every day that a small town girl from England gets an opportunity to work and be among the best in world on Wall Street. I loved the hustle bustle and the high pressured environment in the finance industry. Fast forward a few years, the ugly reality came crashing down along with a boss, who had more drama then any of the real housewives on TV, and quite frankly had as much common sense as a two year old! I’m sure we all have met at least one in our lives. At this point, I seriously started contemplating the direction my life would eventually take.

Corporate Monkey - NYSEAs luck or fate would have it, I was invited to a wedding in New Delhi, India. Having never been to India, I was extremely thrilled by this invite. I used all my vacation days for the year and travelled to culturally rich and diverse cities of New Delhi and Lucknow. Initially, I was bewildered by these new surroundings and the new environment. It wasn't long however, before the food, the clothes, the color, the vibrant architecture, rekindled my love for art and design, which I had as a child. I was particularly impressed by the magnificent and thriving handicraft industry in India. My curiosity took the better of me and I ended up in a factory where I saw something really amazing happening. I saw a number of young people skillfully hand crafting brass bowls and other home decor accents using ancient techniques of sand casting, etching, and hammering. These time-honored techniques have been passed on from generation to generation.   The experience intrigued me enough that I ended up spending the rest of my vacation in the factory, imbibing all the knowledge I could possibly handle by talking to and observing these masters at work. Inspired and humbled by this experience I pledged to honor and promote their skills by exposing them to the rest of the world. As they say the rest is history. Here I am starting my own business in an effort to bring their skill back home to NYC via Peetal New York.











Toiling away in the factory in India